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At Parish, we appreciate that students learn differently and, at times may require an additional academic resource to help with the process.

Parish Episcopal School can assist parents in finding an academic coach for their student. Support services are available to any student experiencing academic difficulty, before or after the school day. If a student has a current Individualized Academic Plan (IAP) on file and receives accommodations, this allows for more availability in the student’s schedule for them to meet with a coach during the school day. Otherwise, coaches and students can meet before the school day (beginning at 7 am), after the school day (until 6 pm), and during Free Block or Study Hall for Upper School students. Parish Link coaches can assist parents with scheduling, they are aware of designated session times according to a student’s division.

Parish Link assists families by connecting parents and students to qualified fully screened academic coaches.

The Parish Link team works together with each student, his or her family, the academic coach, and the Parish faculty to ensure that a communication link exists to fully support student progress and success.


1. Referrals

A parent may contact us, and request referrals, at which time subject-specific Parish Link profiles of existing academic coaches who have been cleared to work on the Parish campus, will be sent to them.

2. Parent Waiver

Parents will need to agree to and sign the Parent’s Hold Harmless Waiver before academic coaching can occur on campus.

3. Schedule

Parents and coach will discuss the student’s availability, within the limitations of the child’s schedule. Once a plan has been confirmed, Phillip Page will arrange a space for the coach and student to meet. Eight tutor rooms are equipped with whiteboards and materials to help make the support sessions efficient for all.

Contact Parish Link

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