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Parish Lab is a resource for 3rd through 12th grade students to develop mindsets, learning styles, strengths, and practice study skills through application and exploration.

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Individual Attention

Parish Lab offers specialized instruction dedicated to the development of effective learning strategies and organizational systems geared toward each student’s individual needs. This program is led by a team of learning specialists who have extensive experience working with students who have a variety of learning styles.

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Unique Environment

Parish Lab offers a unique environment with space and furniture designed to adapt to the needs of the students. Course content is delivered via individual and small group instruction designed to both teach and put into practice the important skills required for academic growth and independence.

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Ownership & Accountablity

Ownership and accountability are two guiding principles of Lab participation. Students focus on cross-curricular study skills, work collaboratively with peers and develop the ability to self-advocate. The goal for each student is to develop and sustain these habits to create a lasting and positive impression on their academic endeavors.

Emerging Learners

Students will attend Lab on the recommendation of faculty, the Lower School learning specialist and/or administration. Lower School Lab is offered during one morning block in the six day rotation, sessions are 30 minutes.


  • Learning styles – Practicing work habits and memory skills
  • Setting goals – Working toward a balance between school and the “fun stuff”
  • Organizing papers, work area & time – Learning how to limit distractions and stay focused longer
  • Transition -Touring 5th grade classrooms to ease the transition from Lower to Middle School
  • Confidence – Introducing the concept of academic self-confidence and self-advocacy

Learning Self-Management

Students with an Individual Accommodation Plan on file may enroll during one morning elective and/or their study hall block. Middle School students enrolled in lab will have access to lab before and after school as well. ParishLab opens each day at 7:00am and is staffed until 4:00pm.


  • Prioritizing – Teaching how to prioritize daily work to improve time management skills
  • Planning – Learning to create a clear and precise plan to help improve efficiency and personal responsibility
  • Organizing – Developing organization skills to locate materials and/or assignments to facilitate accountability
  • Critical thinking – Teaching problem-solving techniques to improve communication and perseverance

Developing Independence

Students with an Individual Accommodation Plan on file may enroll during their study hall block. Middle School students enrolled in lab will have access to lab before and after school as well. ParishLab opens each day at 7:00 am and is staffed until 4:00 pm.


  • Self-Advocacy – Learning how to communicate effectively to assist with asking for help and to build confidence
  • Self-Evaluation – Understanding how to assess performance as a key strategy to success
  • Transitioning – Practicing accountability and personal responsibility skills to assist in the transition from Middle to Upper School

Demonstrating Independence

Students attend Parish Lab according to their schedule. Parish Lab will begin each day at 7:00 am and will be staffed until 4:00 pm.


  • Project Management – Developing and implementing planning and prioritizing strategies to demonstrate personal responsibility
  • Communication – Practicing various forms of communication to contribute to accountability and overall performance
  • Post-graduation transition – Affirming executive functioning skills required for college and beyond

This is an invitation-only class designed to help select 3rd-6th grade students diagnosed with a specific learning difference in reading. The course is held in small groups which allow a highly personalized curriculum designed to best address the specific learning differences of each participant. The goal of this class is to give students a stronger foundation in the English language, specifically reading, spelling, vocabulary, and written expression skills, before moving on to study other world languages in the second half of middle school. This course is taught by a CALT (Certified Academic Language Therapist) and it is an evidence-based, multisensory, structured literacy program that provides specialized instruction for dyslexia remediation.

Lab 2023-24 is one of the best decisions we have EVER made on behalf of our child’s developmental and educational needs. Mrs. McNeely has fostered strong parent and student engagement by asking for input and collaborating on goals. We feel heard, understood, and supported as she advocates for students while she coaches them to advocate for themselves. She is extraordinarily proactive, insightful, and knowledgeable. Mrs. McNeely has far surpassed our every wish.

Parent of 11th Grade Parish Lab Student

I started Lab in 5th grade, and over the years it has changed the way I approach my school work and my interactions with teachers. Lab has taught me organizational, logistical, and life skills, that I use every day and will use in my future. I don’t believe I would’ve mastered these skills as well as I have if I wasn’t a part of the Lab program.

Ryland M. ‘22

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