Week 11

AgeTime CampRegister
PreK9:00am-12:00pm Intro to STEMFULL
PreK9:00am-12:00pm Silly SymphonyRegister
PreK12:30-3:30pmLights, Camera, Action: From Disney to BroadwayRegister
K-1st12:30-3:30pm Magic ExplorersFULL
K-1st12:30-3:30pmThe Wide World of ScienceFULL
K-8th9:00am-12:00pm Basketball CampRegister
1st-3rd9:00am-12:00pm Chinese Calligraphy for KidsRegister
1st-3rd9:00am-12:00pm Godzilla's VillaFULL
1st-3rd12:30-3:30pmCheer & Tumbling IntermediateRegister
2nd-3rd9:00am-12:00pm Minecraft Adventure: Into the NetherRegister
2nd-3rd12:30-3:30pmKarate Ninja CampRegister
2nd-4th12:30-3:30pmStop & Go AnimationFULL
9th-12th12:30-2:30pmLatin Boot CampRegister
PreK9:00am-3:30pmDay Camp PreK Full DayFULL
PreK9:00am-12:00pmDay Camp PreK AMFULL
PreK12:30-3:30pmDay Camp PreK PMFULL
K-1st9:00am-3:30pmDay Camp K-1st Full DayFULL
K-1st9:00am-12:00pmDay Camp K-1st AMFULL
K-1st12:30-3:30pmDay Camp K-1st PMFULL
2nd-3rd9:00am-3:30pmDay Camp 2nd-3rd Full DayFULL
2nd-3rd9:00am-12:00pmDay Camp 2nd-3rd AMFULL
2nd-3rd12:30-3:30pmDay Camp 2nd-3rd PMFULL
4th-7th9:00am-3:30pmDay Camp 4th-7th Full DayFULL
4th-7th9:00am-12:00pmDay Camp 4th-7th AMFULL
4th-7th12:30-3:30pmDay Camp 4th-7th PMFULL
PreK-7th7:30-9:00amExtended Care AMFULL
PreK-7th3:30-6:00pmExtended Care PMFULL

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