Week 10 - Midway Campus

AgeTime CampRegister
PreK-K9:00am-12:00pm Ukulele AwesomenessRegister
PreK12:30-3:30pmGadget Building with MicrochipsRegister
K-4th9:00am-12:00pm Soccer Skills, IndoorsRegister
K-4th12:30-3:30pmBasketball CampRegister
1st-3rd9:00am-12:00pm Paint the MastersFULL
1st-3rd12:30-3:30pmLights, Camera, Action: From Disney to BroadwayFULL
2nd-3rd12:30-3:30pm3i Challenge: Invent, Innovate & ImproveRegister
2nd-3rd12:30-3:30pmClick, Like & SubscribeRegister
3rd9:00am-12:00pm Get Ready for 3rd GradeRegister
3rd-4th12:30-3:30pm Drawing & PaintingRegister
4th9:00am-12:00pm Get Ready for 4th GradeRegister
4th-7th9:00am-12:00pm Mobile App Development for iOS & AndroidRegister
4th-7th12:30-3:30pmUnity EssentialsRegister
4th-7th12:30-3:30pmPaint the MastersFULL
5th-8th9:00am-12:00pm Launch: Middle School Summer Reading and Study SkillsFULL
6th-8th9:00am-3:30pm Dance Intensive, IntermediateRegister
9th-12th9:00am-3:30pmDance Intensive, AdvancedRegister
9th-12th12:00-3:00pmSpanish BootcampRegister
PreK9:00am-3:30pmDay Camp PreK Full DayRegister
PreK9:00am-12:00pmDay Camp PreK AMRegister
PreK12:30-3:30pmDay Camp PreK PMRegister
K-1st9:00am-3:30pmDay Camp K-1st Full DayRegister
K-1st9:00am-12:00pmDay Camp K-1st AMRegister
K-1st12:30-3:30pmDay Camp K-1st PMRegister
2nd-3rd9:00am-3:30pmDay Camp 2nd-3rd Full DayRegister
2nd-3rd9:00am-12:00pmDay Camp 2nd-3rd AMRegister
2nd-3rd12:30-3:30pmDay Camp 2nd-3rd PMRegister
4th-7th9:00am-3:30pmDay Camp 4th-7th Full DayRegister
4th-7th9:00am-12:00pmDay Camp 4th-7th AMRegister
4th-7th12:30-3:30pmDay Camp 4th-7th PMRegister
PreK-7th7:30-9:00amExtended Care AMRegister
PreK-7th3:30-6:00pmExtended Care PMRegister

Week 10 - Hillcrest Campus

AgeTime CampRegister
PreK 39:00am-12:00pm Get Ready for PreK 3Register
PreK 49:00am-12:00pm Get Ready for PreK 4FULL WAITLIST ONLY Register
K12:30-3:30pmGet Ready for Kindergarten and PrimerFULL WAITLIST ONLY Register
1st9:00am-12:00pm Get Ready for 1st GradeFULL WAITLIST ONLY Register
K9:00am-12:00pm Get Ready for Kindergarten and PrimerFULL WAITLIST ONLY Register
1st12:30-3:30pmGet Ready for 1st GradeFULL WAITLIST ONLY Register
2nd9:00am-12:00pm Get Ready for 2nd GradeRegister
2nd12:30-3:30pmGet Ready for 2nd GradeRegister
PreK12:30-3:30pmDay Camp PreK PM HCRegister
K-2nd9:00am-12:00pmDay Camp K-1st AM HCRegister
K-2nd12:30-3:30pmDay Camp K-1st PM HCRegister
PreK-2nd7:30-9:00amExtended Care AM HCRegister
PreK-2nd3:30-6:00pmExtended Care PM HCRegister

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