Upper School – For Credit Courses (9th-12th Grade)


Since the summer of 2012, Parish Episcopal School has been offering summer courses for our Upper School students to help them fulfill their graduation requirements, get ahead in the curriculum, and explore unique learning opportunities. Our mission is to provide our students with highly flexible course schedules that allows them to navigate summer courses alongside their travels, extracurriculars, employment, and other summer activities. Summer after summer, our students praise the care and communication of our summer instructors and express gratitude for these offerings, which allow them to pursue their other interests and maximize their course loads during the school year.

Graduation requirements
Curriculum advancement
unique learning opportunities

Cancellation Policy: Please view the policy below the for-credit course offerings.

Summer 2024: For-Credit Course Offerings

Course NameFacultyDatesGrade LevelLearn More
Algebra IIJulie Kidder, Shelly Vega & Lauren DenisonMay 29 - August 8, 202410th-12thRegister
Art in the CityDr. Ann Morgan & Beka JohnsonJuly 9 - August 6, 20249th-12thRegister
Biology HonorsEric CamarilloJune 5th - August 2, 202411th-12thRegister
Coding for Object Oriented ProgrammingBill MontanaJune 5 - August 7, 202410th-12thRegister
Contemporary Religious IssuesDr. Courtney O'Dell-ChaibJune 5 - July 8, 202412thRegister
Ethics in SportsGreg ZugraveJune 5 - July 8, 20249th-12thRegister
Financial LiteracyCathy MorrisJune 10 - June 28, 202410th-12thRegister
Fitness TrackingJulie Kidder, with Felicia Gonzalez and Chris MailandMay 28 - August 8. 20249th-12thRegister
GeometryJulie Kidder, Alexander Rodriguez & Lauren DenisionMay 29 - August 8, 202410th-12thRegister
HealthParish Faculty & AdminstrationMay 28 - August 2, 20249th-12thRegister
Hebrew Bible Session 1Rev Alina WilliamsJune 17 - July 17, 202410th-12thRegister
Hebrew Bible Session 2Dr. Courtney O'Dell-ChaibJuly 9 - August 2, 202410th-12thRegister
Latin IDr. Ann MorganJune 5 - August 7, 20249th-12thRegister
New Testament History & LiteratureDr. Brad BlueJune 6 - July 2, 202410th-12thRegister
PlaywritingAna HagedornJuly 9 - July 25, 20249th-12thRegister
World Religions Session 1ADr. Brad BlueJune 6 - July 2, 202411th-12thRegister
World Religions Session 1BAndre SerraldeJune 6 - July 2, 202411th-12thRegister
World Religions Session 2Andre SerraldeJuly 11 - August 7, 202411th-12thRegister

Cancellation Policy: The class descriptions and registration system clearly states that summer schedules must be coordinated so that students can attend at least the minimum number of classes. For classes that state in-person, virtual attendance does not satisfy the attendance requirement. Students are encouraged to attend all in-person sessions.

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