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Welcome to Extend, Parish's dynamic after-school program, designed to serve as an extension of your child's day and curriculum.

Extend strives to offer a range of programs for students of all ages and interests. From PreK Extension to traditional Extended Day and specialized Exploration classes, Extend turns the after-school hours into a time for development, discovery and fun!  Extend’s after school partnership with The Academy gives families the ability to combine after school academic programs with Extend classes or Extended Day.

Our Programs

Our Explorations program provides your child with a diverse range of classes, including academics, arts, athletics, and STEM. It offers a unique opportunity for them to delve into a new and exciting interest every day of the week. Learn more.

Extended Day is offered for students in PreK – 6th grade from dismissal time to 6:00 p.m. each school day. Additionally, we offer all-day care (7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) on parent-teacher conference days and most faculty workdays. Learn more.

Parish Extend offers a PreK Extension program that allows your child to enjoy more classroom programming and activities as many days per week as you like. Learn more.

Parish Extend Athletic Academy is a partnership between Parish Athletics and Parish Extend with a common goal to offer a comprehensive catalog of sports specific program opportunities dedicated to developing Parish’s young athletes. Learn more.

Parish Extend Dance Academy is proud to offer a wide range of classes for different skill levels and ages. Learn more.

Structured music lessons significantly enhance children’s cognitive abilities including language based reasoning. With a range of instruments offered, students have the option to choose their musical path according to their interests. Learn more.

Parish Drives offers a convenient online class paired with in-car instruction that can be completed during your child’s lunch and free periods. Learn more.

Meet the Team

Parish Extend and Summer Director

Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica is starting her tenth year with the program. As Director of Parish Extend and Summer, she works with our partners to develop a wide variety of classes in academics, arts, athletics and STEM. She is also responsible for parent and student experiences in PreK Extension, Extended Day and Explorations as well as in the Music and Dance Academies. She holds a B.A. in Political Science from SMU.

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Adrian Sanchez

Parish Extend and Summer Manager

Adrian Sanchez

Having worked with the program in various capacities since 2006, including owning 8Bit Education, which offered some of our favorite camps and classes, Adrian now manages the Midway campus daily operations of Extended Care and Explorations. Adrian is also responsible for all registration and account details.

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Parish Extend and Summer Coordinator

Demetria Hargrove

Demetria Hargrove manages the Hillcrest campus’ daily operations and as a former behavior interventionist and SPED Teaching Fellow at KIPP Texas, she values social-emotional learning and is looking forward to building relationships with Parish students and families. Demi holds a B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Texas A&M University-Commerce..

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