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Parish Virtual is committed to providing easily accessible, world-class learning opportunities in a blended setting by challenging students through rigorous coursework in a wide range of content areas.

Parish Virtual is a platform for blended learning that engages students in collaborative learning environments in order to inspire globally-minded students to consider and create in meaningful ways. Parish Virtual students practice their abilities to think critically, communicate effectively, and collaborate purposefully through courses that include a combination of online work and in-person classes. Students are able to complete coursework asynchronously while planning around scheduled face-to-face meetings with their teacher and other students at Parish’s Midway Campus. 

Parish Virtual courses are for credit and so they maintain the demands and rigor of our in-person, school year courses, but at a concentrated pace. Students should plan to spend five to seven hours per week online to complete each course. This is above and beyond the scheduled classroom time for in-person sessions, which vary from course to course.

Taking Honors Biology over the summer allowed me to be able to take AP Chemistry, and next year, AP Physics over the course of junior and senior year. I get to focus on my preferred classes without worrying about completing the required science classes during the school year.

Rivers G. '23 Parish Virtual Science

Parish Virtual allowed me to explore the nuances of World Religions in a manner simply not possible during the school year. The course truly opened my eyes to a new understanding of religiosity and global ideologies, which greatly impact modern political and social discourse.

Ren S. '23 Parish Virtual Religion

Due to my choice to take Parish Virtual Health the summer before my freshman year, I was able to both double up on math classes and take a year-long computer science class (COOP).

Christopher F. '23 Parish Virtual Health

The Academy FAQs

When are classes held? Do I have to attend all classes?

Classes are held throughout the summer for year-long courses and Health. Most trimester electives are offered in one 6-week session; session 1 is June 1 to July 8 and session 2 is July 5 to August 12. Students must attend a minimum number of classes in order to receive credit for the course. The number of required sessions varies by course. Please review the in-person attendance expectations and scheduled classes in each course description before registering. Students may only attend class meetings that are offered in their registered session and taught by their teacher of record.

While teachers try to work around students’ schedules, students are expected to keep pace with the class and the workload as scheduled. If students anticipate summer travel, they will need to plan ahead, coordinate their schedules (and attendance requirements) with the instructor, and work diligently to meet the expected deadlines.

The beauty of a for-credit Academy course is that much of the work can be done asynchronously. These courses are designed for self-paced learning and the majority of material is available for students from the first day of class so that they can work ahead; however, because modules and assignments build on previous ones, students need to allow time for instructor feedback and guidance. As such, students should plan to complete modules following (as closely as possible) the instructor’s recommendations over the course of the summer session.

Classes that require in-person attendance will have the option to learn from distance if the student is travelling or out of town. Approval of virtual attendance must be coordinated with the instructor ahead of time. Please reach out to the class instructor at the beginning of the summer session to make arrangements. Be sure to reference the Upper School Handbook to determine what qualifies for the option to learn from a distance and what the protocols are for unplanned travel.

What is the time commitment for a for credit Academy class?

These Academy courses are for credit and so they maintain the demands and rigor of our in-person, school year courses, but at a concentrated pace. Students should plan to spend five to seven hours per week online to complete each course. This is above and beyond the scheduled classroom time for in-person sessions, which vary from course to course.

Do students earn credit? 

Yes, students earn credit for these courses. These courses appear on the transcript year which they have most recently finished (not the following year), and the grades are calculated into their GPA. Elective courses receive .333 credits, and yearlong courses receive one full credit. Once class starts at the end of May, students may not drop the course. Under extenuating circumstances, administration can approve a withdrawal which is recorded on the transcript. While courses do count towards graduation requirements, taking a course in the summer does not exempt a student from a full course load during the regular year.

Can a non-Parish student take a for credit Academy class?

Yes, non-Parish students may participate in these courses. If you are interested in registering, please contact Dr. Ann Morgan. Prior to enrollment, Parish will require confirmation from the student’s current school attesting to the student’s good academic and behavioral standing. Upon successful course completion, Parish Episcopal School will issue a transcript and report card reflecting the course completed via summer Academy.

Can a student drop or withdraw from a for credit Academy class? Are there any refunds available if a student drops a course?

The class descriptions and the registration system clearly state that summer schedules must be coordinated so that students can attend at least the minimum number of classes. They are encouraged to attend all in-person sessions if possible.

  • After registering for a For-Credit course with The Academy, students may drop the course any time before May 1st without academic penalty. However, there is a $50 processing charge to withdraw applicable until May 1st.
  • Between May 1st and the first class day (not orientation) of the course, students may drop the course without any academic penalty. However, they will only receive a 50% refund on their registration.
  • After the first class day, students cannot drop the course but must withdraw. At the time of withdrawal, a student’s grades will be assessed and the transcript will reflect a W/P (withdrawn while passing) or a W/F (withdrawn while failing).
  • After the first class day, no refunds will be issued since a class spot has been taken and a teacher has been engaged.
Ann Morgan.

Director of Parish Virtual

Ann Morgan

Ann is the Director of Parish Virtual and is in her 5th year at Parish. In addition to overseeing Parish Virtual, Ann teaches all levels of Latin in the Upper School; she also serves as the Subject Area Coordinator for World Languages. As Director of Parish Virtual, Ann coordinates with Parish faculty to offer a wide range of courses to our students over the summer through innovative blended learning environments; she oversees course offerings, scheduling, and program development. Ann has a M.Ed. in Educational Technology from University of Arkansas, as well as a Ph.D. in Classics from University of Texas at Austin.

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