Pre-Med Program – Week 2

  • Grades9th - Adult
  • DatesAugust 5 - 9, 2024
  • Price$650
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The Academy at Parish has created a Pre-Med Program for Summer 2024 designed to help students prepare for the arduous curriculum of a pre-med major as well as introduce students to the variety of careers available in research, healthcare, and public health so that participants can develop direction for their future plans.

Over the two week-long programs, students will receive 6 hours of instruction each day divided between 3 hours of intensive pre-med course work in the morning, followed by 3 hours in the afternoon that includes engaging discussions with practitioners in the healthcare industry and instruction on the Greek and Latin roots of medical terminology; lunch will be provided. Week One introduces students to Human Anatomy and Week Two focuses on Immunology and Infectious Disease; these intensive seminars provide students an excellent foundation in two courses required for Pre-Med students in their undergraduate studies.  Students may choose to enroll in Week 1, Week 2 or both.

Immunology and Infectious Disease (Week 10 morning topic) Stanford Chancellor

Have you ever had a cold? Have you ever wondered why you don’t always get sick when everyone around you is sneezing? The immune system is a complex system that tries to keep us healthy. Spend the week learning about the interplay between our immune system and infectious diseases. 

How You Will Benefit: 

Week 10 afternoon speakers:

Julie Linderman, MD—Pediatrician

Gabriel Fruge, MSN, RN, CSSGB—Director of Nursing and Practice Operations at Parkland

Jesse Hernandez, MD—Emergency Medicine (Parish ’07)

Shrina Bana, PharmD, BCACP—Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacy Specialist at Parkland

Jennifer Gonzalez, DC—Chiropractor (Parish ’16)

Dates & Times

August 5 – 9, 2024
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Camp Instructor

Stanford Chancellor, Parish Link Tutor

Stanford Chancellor earned a bachelors of science in Biology at the University of Texas and attended medical school at the University of Wisconsin.