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Fitness Tracking

  • Grades9th-12th
  • PrerequisitesNone
  • DatesJune 1 - August 5, 2022
  • Credits.333 credit
  • Price$700

This course is a Parish Virtual exclusive offering that teaches the foundations of data management and statistics while introducing students to the basics of physical fitness and training.

In this course, students will partner with a fitness specialist to develop a manageable and goal-oriented personal exercise routine that is informed by best practices in healthy habits, endurance-training, and strength-building. In addition to this exercise plan, students will partner with one of our statistics teachers to learn the basics of gathering clean, consistent data on their fitness progress and physical health over the duration of the summer. Students will also learn and develop their skills in analyzing, evaluating, and presenting that data. This one trimester course counts .333 credits toward Parish graduation requirements, and it fulfills one third of the required Athletics credits for graduation. The course is graded PASS/FAIL. The course is structured through the duration of the summer with frequent in-person sessions in early June to gather initial data points, develop an exercise routine, and practice data collection and management. Students will continue to track their progress through the summer with regular online check-ins. In the last week of July, students will work with Ms. Kidder to review and understand the data. A final presentation of progress and learning will occur in the first week of August.

Dates & Times

Attendance Requirement

Dates & Times:

Students will meet with Dr. Morgan & Ms. Kidder before the summer session begins in order to create a personalized schedule with specific dates & times.

  • June 1 to June 10: at least 3 in-person sessions
  • June 11 to July 24: weekly check-ins online, requires access to internet
  • July 25 to August 2: in-person sessions to review data and prepare
  • August 3-5: Final Presentation in-person.

Program Instructors

Julie Kidder & Athletic Department Staff

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