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Driver’s Ed: Additional Hours

  • Grades9-12
  • PrerequisitesClassroom and In Car
  • DatesOngoing
  • Price1 hour for $60, 5 hours for $250, 10 hours for $450, 20 hours for $800 or 30 hours for $1,050.
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This package allows students to gain extra driving practice after completion of the standard course.

After completion of the course, the state requires an additional 30 hours of driving time under the supervision of an adult over 21, ten of which must be completed at night. Busy families may prefer students get these hours during free periods on school days. Other students may want instructor-led additional practice time before they feel comfortable driving on busy Dallas roadways.

Driving sessions are typically scheduled during students’ free periods at school through this program, allowing students to leave weekend and evening times available for other activities. Drive times may also be scheduled during non school hours if families prefer, instructor schedule permitting.

Please download and return the form that will be attached to your confirmation email to Andrew Jennings as part of the enrollment process.  You should not begin the course without completing and submitting this contract.

Pricing and Registration

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