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BrickLAB: Architecture & Robocoding

  • GradesK-2
  • DatesJuly 31 – August 4, 2023
  • Price$320

Campers will travel through history investigating how ancient architectural breakthroughs led to the fundamental design elements we know today. From walls and arches to post-and-lintel building techniques, campers will use hands-on manipulatives and multi-subject integration to inspect and duplicate design elements from around the globe.

After the foundation’s been poured, campers will utilize the engineering design process to replicate some of history’s most famous designs, then uncover how different societies made the stylistic, artful and structural considerations of construction and architecture. Robocoding: Campers will have a hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of both coding and robotics, allowing them to build and execute programs in the real world! With award-winning Cubelets kits, campers combine robotic cubes–each with their own unique function–to create machines that can light up, move, and interact with the world around them. Campers gain an in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts like inputs, outputs, and processing, and discover how simple building-blocks can come together to perform more and more complex tasks.

Dates & Times

July 31 – August 4, 2023
12:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Camp Instructor