Hebrew Bible (The Academy exclusive course)

  • Grades10th
  • PrerequisitesApproval from English I Instructor
  • DatesSession 1A & 1B: May 31 - July 7 & Session 2: July 5 - August 10, 2022
  • Credits.333 credits
  • Price$735

This summer The Academy is introducing a new elective that fulfills the 10th grade Religions graduation requirement for Parish.

The course will guide students in becoming more familiar with reading the ancient texts in Hebrew Bible and welcome them to explore some of their own interests in the Bible as a living cultural conversation. To meet the religious studies graduation requirement, either Hebrew Bible or New Testament History and Literature must be completed in addition to World Religions and Contemporary Religious Issues during a student’s tenure in Upper School.

Hebrew Bible will be offered in three sections this summer to accommodate busy travel schedules and create smaller classroom experiences. Rev. Alina Williams will teach two sections of the course during the first Summer Session (May 30 to July 7) and Dr. Courtney O’Dell-Chaib will offer one section during our second Summer Session (July 5 – August 10). Students are not allowed to attend sessions they are not enrolled in.

Classes require in-person attendance at the Midway campus. Instructors encourage students to attend all scheduled classes to ensure success, but students are required to attend FIVE of seven face-to-face meetings to receive credit for the course. Additionally, Students must attend one of the scheduled orientation meetings in May.

Prerequisite: English I teacher approval.

Dates & Times


Option 1: Thursday May 4 Option 2: Thursday May 11

Both: 12:05p.m. Room 2103

Session 1.A. (Rev. Alina Williams)

Students must attend at least FIVE of these meetings:

  • June 5 12:30-1:50pm (Mon)
  • June 7 12:30-1:50pm (Wed)
  • June 20 12:30-1:50pm (Tues)
  • June 22 12:30-1:50pm (Thurs)
  • June 26 12:30-1:50pm (Mon)
  • June 28 12:30-1:50pm (Wed)
  • July 5 12:30-1:50pm (Wed)

Session 1.B. (Rev. Alina Williams)

Students must attend at least FIVE of these meetings:

  • June 6 12:30-1:50pm (Tues)
  • June 8 12:30-1:50pm (Thurs)
  • June 21 12:30-1:50pm (Wed)
  • June 23 12:30-1:50pm (Fri)
  • June 27 12:30-1:50pm (Tues)
  • June 29 12:30-1:50pm (Thurs)
  • July 6 12:30-1:50pm (Thurs)

Session 2 (Dr. Courtney O’Dell-Chaib)

Students must attend at least FIVE of these meetings:

  • July 10 10:30-11:50 am (Mon)
  • July 12 10:30-11:50 am (Wed)
  • July 17 10:30-11:50 am (Mon)
  • July 19 10:30-11:50 am (Wed)
  • July 24 10:30-11:50 am (Mon)
  • July 26 10:30-11:50 am (Wed)
  • July 31 10:30-11:50 am (Mon)

Program Instructor, Session 1.A. & Session 1.B.

Rev. Alina Williams

Email Mtr. Alina

Program Instructor, Session 2

Courtney O’Dell-Chaib

Email Dr. O’Dell-Chaib