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Acting Seminar Series

  • Grades9-Adult
  • DatesTBD
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Whether you are just starting to explore the stage or preparing for an on-screen audition, our Summer Acting Seminar Series has an opportunity for students to explore, grow, and perfect their performances.

Each seminar is led by Upper School Theatre teacher, Kevin Ash, and will provide participants with a small class environment to dive into the specific topic, as well as receive hands-on practice and personalized feedback as they hone their acting craft. Every class offers students a distinctive opportunity for personal and artistic growth, providing valuable insights they can apply in the next steps of their performance career!

**Interested students can attend seminars individually, choose multi-session packages, or sign up for the entire course!

Seminar topics and dates yet to be determined. Each seminar will take place from 1-4. Please complete this survey to share your interests and availability. Once topics and dates have been determined, you will receive an announcement with a link to complete your reservation.

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Instructor: Kevin Ash, Upper School Theatre/Film Teacher, Parish Episcopal School

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Program Instructor

Kevin Ash, Upper School Theatre/Film Teacher, Parish Episcopal School